Esteros de Ibera & Iguazu Falls discovery tour from just US$862


Tour Activities:

This tour will enable you to visit two regions of Northern Argentina – Corrientes and Misiones and discover their most famous sights and attractions. This tour package price will include 2-night’s accommodation.

You will visit two of the most famous Yerba Mate companies in Argentina, learn how it is grown, cultivated and produced and then also sample traditional Argentine food of the region during an asado (Argentine BBQ). Explore the stunning Ibera wetlands and get the chance to see the wildlife local to the area including capybaras and cayman.

Finish your tour of the North with an unforgettable visit to the famous UNESCO World Heritage site and latest seventh natural wonder of the world – Iguazu Falls. (There is the additional option also to visit the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Jesuit Ruins of San Ignacio Mini on the way to Iguazu Falls, allowing you to have the opportunity to further discover the history of the area and its connection to the current Pope, Pope Francis.)

Tour schedule:

Fly to Posadas from Buenos Aires (Please note flights are not included). You will be met by our English speaking guide at Posadas airport and taken to Virasoro (price for this additional transfer US$180)

Hotel: 2 night-stay at 2 star hotel Namandu in Gobernador Virasoro  (there is an option to upgrade this to a double room at a higher quality hotel Posada de los pachos for an additional US$130 total.


Day 1: Yerba Mate tour:
You will be picked up by our English-speaking guide and then Visit Establecimiento Las Marias , which is the biggest Yerba Mate company in production in Northern Argentina. The tour includes the chance to see the production of yerba mate and tea, as well as sample a traditional argentine asado (BBQ) for lunch with also empanadas and salad. After lunch, you will then visit a second Yerba Mate company to see the Museo of Don Juan Szychowski, the Founder of the famous Amanda Yerba Mate brand. You will then be returned to your hotel by our guide in the evening.

Day 2: Ibera Wetlands tour:
You will be picked from your hotel and after breakfast you will be taken in a 4×4 pick-up and travel to the centre of the Corrientes province to visit Paraje Galarza, a small village in the pampas of 8 houses that are made in the traditional style form mud and grass. You will then walk to the wetlands coast, where you will be able to view the local wildlife, birdwatching and observing the Capybaras and Caymans. Lunch will be a picnic in the wetlands. After lunch, there will be a boat trip to Galarza lagoon, to see the wetlands and ambalsados, floating islands, capybaras, kingfishers, caymans marshdear and lots of different birdlife. You will then watch the sunset over the lagoon drinking tea and Yerba Mate, before being returrned to your hotel by our guide in the evening.


Day 3: Transfer to Posadas to then go to Iguazu Falls
You will check out of your hotel in the morning and then be taken on a tour of Iguazu Falls – the spectacular waterfall system in Misiones that was recently voted the seventh natural wonder of the world and is also a UNESCO site.

We have two options for you regarding this transfer to Iguazu Falls. Our tour guide will take you by private transfer to the city of Posadas for US$180 (total for two persons), where you can take a bus with our tour guide to Iguazu Falls.

Or you have the option to have a private transfer by car with our tour guide from Vorasoro to Iguazu Falls that will stop at Jesuit Ruins of San Ignacio on the way before continuing to Iguazu Falls. The transfer and additional tour price for this is US$815 total for 2 persons.

Total tour and accommodation price: US$862 (includes 2 night-stay in Gobernador Virasoro with breakfast and with a 2 full-day excursions of Yerba Mate, and Ibera wetlands, both with lunch included). This price is for two people sharing a double-room.

If you would prefer the Posada de los Lapachos hotel, there will be an additional total charge of US$130 for a double room for the two-night stay, making the total tour and accommodation price: US$992. This price is for two people sharing a double-room.

Travel recommendations by Look South Tours:

– Fly direct from Buenos Aires (Aeroparque Jorge Newberry, the domestic airport) to Posadas. There are two flights per day from Buenos Aires to Posadas – one in the morning and one in the evening. The flight is a short flight – only 1 hour and 30 minutes approximately. You can book these flights online through Aerolineas Argentina’s website which is the cheapest option.

– To get to Gobernador Virasoro, there are two options you can take. The cheapest option is to take a bus from Posadas to Gobernador Virasoro in Corrientes province. Or we can arrange for a private transfer for you with an English-speaking guide that will collect you from Posadas airport and take you direct to Gobernador Virasoro direct to your hotel for US$180 (this is a total price for both of you, not a price per person). The distance from Posadas to Gobernador Virasoro is approximately 100km.

– To get to Iguazu Falls from Gobernador Virasoro, there are a couple of options we have for you:

1. The cheapest option is to take a private transfer from Gobernador Virasoro with our tour guide for US$180 to Posadas and then take a bus to Iguazu Falls from Posadas.

2. The second option is to take a private transfer from Gobernador Virasoro with our tour guide direct to Iguazu Falls for US$815, which additionally gives you a tour of the UNESCO World Heritage site of Jesuit Ruins of San Ignacio Mini.

We would recommend you book a hotel in Iguazu Falls for the final night of your tour of the North, before then flying direct from Puerto Iguazu Airport to Buenos Aires airport (or you can get a bus to Buenos Aires which is a cheaper option) or to your next destination. We are happy to arrange this for you should you require this.

To book, or enquire about additional tours please fill out the contact form listed below:


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