Come and explore Argentina

English: Plaza del Congreso, Buenos Aires, Arg...
English: Plaza del Congreso, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Español: Réplica firmada de El Pensador de Rodin, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Situada en el barrio de Monserrat, frente a la Palacio del Congreso de la Nación Argentina. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For many Argentina is famous for its football, polo, wine and great steaks but Argentina is a vast country with lots to offer and places to explore for every type of tourist.

Many first-time visitors to Argentina are surprised by the sheer vastness and variety of the landscape of Argentina – from the pampas in the centre to the rainforest of the north, desert of the west and even glaciers of Patagonia in the south. This is a country that has something to offer everyone. There is so much to discover and explore that many people come back time and again to explore a different region. Our tours are catered so that you can discover specific places and make your own tour based on your hobbies, likes or type of holiday you are looking for.

Argentina has a population of over 40 million and is divided into 23 separate provinces. Argentina shares it borders with Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia and Chile – making it a great place to start your South American adventure and journey onto other destinations. Covering an area of 1.08 million square miles, it is the eighth largest country in the world and also home to the most southern city in the world, Ushuaia.

Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina is a magical city and a place we regard as a second home. Many people regard it as the Paris of South America as it has the architecture and cosmopolitan air of a European city, but with the vitality and raw energy of Latin America.

Argentines are a friendly nation, passionate about their music, meat and politics as well of course as their sport – with football, rugby, tennis, hockey and polo being loved and argued over by much of the nation. The food of Argentina is as varied as its people with influences from all over the world. Some things you have to try while on your stay are of course an Argentine steak accompanied by a glass of Mendoza Malbec wine, the traditional herbal tea of Yerba Mate (an acquired taste but full of anti-oxidants and many health benefits), and if you have a sweet tooth you must try dulce de leche (a sweet dairy caramel spread) and alfajores.

Downtown Buenos Aires, from the Sheraton Hotel.
Downtown Buenos Aires, from the Sheraton Hotel. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Discover more of what Argentina has to offer with Look South Tours – we have shopping tours, wildlife and scenery tours and even special photography tours to make sure you can experience the best Argentina has to offer.


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