Uruguay’s shock 3-1 defeat to Costa Rica due to lack of dulce de leche?


Uruguay’s world cup squad have their dulce de leche confiscated in Brazil – perhaps the reason behind their so-far poor performance?

Brazilian officials say they confiscated 39kg (86lb) of caramel spread from Uruguay’s world cup football team as they arrived in Brazil for the World Cup.

The spread, called dulce de leche, is extremely popular in Uruguay but the Brazilian authorities said that as it was made with milk, it needed sanitary documentation which was lacking.

Some fans are already blaming Uruguay’s shock 3-1 defeat to Costa Rica on the lack of dulce de leche.

Uruguay will play England on Thursday, so we will soon see if the lack of dulce de leche affects their performance. We are sure the England team are hoping the Uruguay team stay dulce de leche free throughout the first round.


The dulce de leche was seized from the team after it landed at Confins airport near their training camp in Sete Lagoas.

An official with the Brazilian agriculture department told Reuters news agency that the Uruguayans could have the dulce de leche back “as soon as they can produce the necessary documents”.

“Or they can pick it up on their way out of Brazil,” the official added.

It is not clear if one person carried the entire 39kg-stash or if the jars of the popular sweet paste had been distributed between the players.

Former Uruguay goalkeeper Juan Castillo said the team had also taken dulce de leche to the World Cup in South Africa, where they had not had any problems at customs.

Dulce de leche is made by cooking down milk with sugar, baking powder and vanilla extract.It is very popular spread on bread, pancakes and biscuits, or poured over fruit or ice-cream in both Uruguay and Argentina.



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