Brazil World Cup Gossip: Iran players told not to wash shirts properly as they shrink!


The rumour mill has been in overdrive about everything from naked team photos to shrinking shirts since the Brazil World Cup started. Although there are a few red faces among some teams for some sneaky papparazzi shots, a tight fitting and poor quality team kit are problems that could surely have been avoided.


But this is exactly the problem faced by the Iran team. Players have been advised to wash their kits in cold water to prevent shrinkage and they have also been asked not to exchange shirts with football legends such as Lionel Messi because replacements are in short supply.


According to the Iran football federation, the excuse for poor quality team kits is all due to lack of funding and being owed £180,000 by international sponsors amid US sanctions and an EU embargo.


Argentina are due to face Iran on the 21st June, perhaps Messi and his team will take pity and be kind enough to give them a free shirt memento if Argentina beat them.




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