Cambiaso’s La Dolfina win the Hurlingham Open with cloned polo pony

La Dolfina win Hurlingham Open

La Dolfina have defeated Ellerstina 18-16 in the final to take the Hurlingham Open and now have a good chance of winning the Argentine Open.

La Dolfina Hope Funds defeated Ellerstina 18-16 to win the 120th HSBC Hurlingham Open, the eldest polo tournament in the world yesterday. The final had been previously postponed due to heavy rain and a dangerous ground.

With their triumph, Adolfo Cambiaso’s squad keeps alive its chances of taking the Triple Crown after winning the Tortugas Open. La Dolfina and Ellerstina are equal in winning the championship numerous times, 5-5 to each team.

La Dolfina Hope Funds deserved its triumph, as despite having been overcome in the first two periods, they equalized in the third, taking the control of the action from the fourth chukker to the final bell.

In fact, the winner played better as a team, putting up ordered and efficient polo play. Proof of that was their eleven field goals against only six by their opponents, who looked disconnected during most of the game.

The black-shirt men did not play properly. Only Nicolás Pieres and sometimes Mariano Aguerre tried to develop their well-known collective play, but neither Gonzalo Jr. nor his brother Facundo Pieres were as brilliant as expected.

On the other side, “Pelón” Stirling and Pablo Mac Donough were the owners of the midfield, helping Juan Martín Nero (the man of the match) and Adolfo Cambiaso in showing their skills in defence and attack, respectively.

La Dolfina dominated the match but Facundo Pieres’ abilities in netting penalties avoided the champion taking a wider difference in the scorer. Facundo Pieres scored 10 penalties, which shows his team’s difficulties in finding La Dolfina’s post through field plays.

An exultant Adolfo Cambiaso said after the final that they were going for the Triple Crown, while Juan Martín Nero admitted that the game had not been as good expected. “There were many fouls and thus the actions became boring. Nevertheless, we demonstrated to be better than Ellerstina who scored many goals by penalties. We showed our superiority in the present season and that gives us confidence for the future”.

Cambiaso used a cloned polo pony in the 6th chukker for a few minutes of play, something that has not been done before in the Hurlingham Open.

Adolfo Cambiaso hit the headlines earlier in the season when it came to light that he would be using cloned horses to compete with in the Argentine Open this year, so perhaps after all it is possible to clone ones success. Who do you think will win the Palermo Open? La Dolfina or Ellerstina?

Teams, goals in brackets and chukker scores:
La Dolfina Hope Funds (18) Adolfo Cambiaso 10 ( 12 7 pen), David Stirling 9 ( 3), Pablo Mac Donough 10 ( 2), Juan Martín Nero 10 ( 1).-39

Ellerstina ( 16 ): Facundo Pieres 10 (11 10 pen ), Gonzalo Pieres Jr. 10 (1 ), Mariano Aguerre 10 (2 ), Nicolás Pieres 9 ( 2 ).-39

Chukker scores: La Dolfina 1-3,4-5,7-7,9-7,11-10,14-10,18-14,18-16.


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