Tourists airlifted from flooded Mexico resort of Acapulco after two storms hit within 24 hours


According to the BBC, more than 2,000 tourists have been airlifted by the army from Mexico’s resort of Acapulco following deadly floods caused by Tropical Storm Manuel.

Many more tourists and local residents remain stranded in the city and along the west coast as landslides have blocked the main roads into and out of Acapulco.

Tropical Storm Manuel was almost immediately followed by Hurricane Ingrid, resulting in widespread devastation to the eastern part of Mexico. The BBC reports that it was the first time since 1958 that two powerful storms have hit Mexico within 24 hours.

At least 57 people are now know to have died in the flooding and landslides.

In Acapulco, the army – helped by local airlines – is continuing to fly stranded tourists, Mexicans and foreigners, to the capital Mexico City.

Passengers are being taken directly from shelters to the runway because the main airport terminal remains closed.

“I see everybody helping,” said Canadian tourist Michael Paliti, adding that he was “trying to get home as best as possible”.

More than 2,000 tourists have already been evacuated, but another 40,000 are believed to have been marooned in Acapulco.


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