Argentine polo superstar Adolfo Cambiaso clones 100 of his favourite horses


Adolfo Cambiaso – one of the world’s best polo players and friend of Princes William and Harry, has created around 100 clones of his favourite horses to ensure he continues to have the very best horses on the pitch.

Some of the cloned horses will no doubt be competing in the sport later this year and will feature in the polo world’s ultimate polo tournament – the Argentine Open of which Cambiaso has won numerous times.


The 38-year-old Argentinian millionaire, polo superstar and sometime model, owns a polo club just outside of Buenos Aires and began cloning in 2007 after he had to have his star horse, Aiken Cura, put down. At the time this created much debate and controversy amongst the polo community. However, Cambiaso went into partnership with Alan Meeker, 48, a Texan oil tycoon, who had bought the cloning technology.

Due to the extent of the cloning, many believe that entire polo teams could be riding clones from a single pony within a few years.


Meeker said in a recent interview that he had cloned one of Cambiaso’s ponies, a tetchy animal called Lapa, and invited him to Texas to see it.

“Each of the three [clones] pinned their ears back and lunged at him, which is exactly what the original does. He said ‘Alan, they’re identical.’ He didn’t realise the personality would transfer as well,” Meeker said.

Meeker said however, that not all the clones will perform in the same way as the parent and much of their success will depend on their life experience. This seems to support the theories of nature versus nurture and that even though they are clones each will be slightly different due to its own individual experiences and the way it reacts to it.

But the question remains, will his cloned horses enable him to secure another victory at the world’s greatest polo tournament this year? Will Adolfo Cambiaso be able to “clone” his past victories? Or will the current new “King” of polo, Facundo Pieres (current world polo number one) beat him again this year?


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  1. Jana Mailow says:

    Amazing article. This will definitely make a difference in the polo world. It will be like getting a second chance to play your best horse again. It’s a horrible thing when a talented horse sustains an injury that it can not recover from. All of the ponies grow older and eventually end their playing life. This program will enable the best traits to be passed on and give the player one more opportunity to play his best pony.

  2. Adolfito te estamos esperando en la Argentina. cuando regresás?
    Necesitamos de tu presencia para sentir la calidez que nos transmitis…….no te demores…..Cristina

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