Breaking News: Our new South American travel website is live!


We are excited to announce that our brand new travel booking website is now live. Check it out at .

Look South promotes tourism in South America and in particular Argentina, to the rest of the world. Look South specialises in tourism in South America in particular in the country of Argentina, with plans to spread out to other South American countries soon, including Brazil, Peru, Uruguay and Chile.

Look South offers great hotel accommodation and tour packages all under one roof so that you can book your South American adventure quickly and easily.

Current tours include: Shopping tours of Buenos Aires, polo days and holidays, as well as tours to key tourist attractions including Iguazu Falls, Esteros del Ibera wetlands, Jesuit Ruins of San Ignacio and exclusive Yerba Mate tours to the leading producers of Yerba Mate in the region. We will be adding new tours and accommodation packages regularly to offer you new exciting adventures.

For any companies or bloggers who wish to advertise on our new website, please email us. Advertising rates are very reasonable and start from just AR$250 per month (Argentine pesos).

Check out our website now for all your accommodation, tours, travel tips, news and much more!

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