LAN airlines to continue flying in Argentina


Buenos Aires Herald has reported that the federal government of Argentina is confident that LAN Argentina, part of the LATAM Airlines Group, will continue its operations in Argentina.

Argentina’s Foreign Minister said that the company should hold talks with regulators, after having received this week an eviction notice to leave its hangar at the Metropolitan Airport in Buenos Aires.

“We are sure that LAN is going to continuer operating in Argentina in accordance with the rules established by the authorities,” said Argentina’s Foreign Minister, Hector Timerman, after a bilateral meeting in Chile. “I am certain the company will stay in Argentina. LAN will resolve its problems by talking with the relevant authorities.”

According to the Buenos Aires Herald, The National Airport Agency (ORSNA) has given LAN 10 days to vacate its hangar at the Metropolitan Airport in Buenos Aires, where its carries out maintenance work on its dozen Airbus A320s that fly to 14 domestic destinations within Argentina, including Puerto Iguazu.

The notice sent to the company states that the government offered to help move LAN’s domestic flights to Argentina’s main international airport in the suburb of Ezeiza, an offer it said the company refused.

Timerman was in Santiago de Chile where a meeting at a Cabinet-level was held between the two governments. Timerman met with Chile’s Foreign Minister Alfredo Moreno to discuss the LAN situation.

“This is not a problem between Argentina and Chile. This is a problem between a company and its regulators,” Timerman said. “Chile’s interests are Argentina’s interests and vice-versa.”

Moreno also expressed the need to reach an agreement and said that the solution “is to talk over the problems and reach a solution.”

“Timerman and the Argentine regulators (ORSNA) have collaborated with us over this issue. We are working on solving it without harming Argentina, LAN or Aeroparque,” Moreno said. Chile’s Economy Minister Felipe Larraín was more critical and hoped that the “non-discrimination agreement between local and foreign investment is respected.”


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