Japan gets a taste for Yerba Mate

yerba mate

The Japanese market for Yerba Mate is growing according to recent reports, with demand growing for the traditional Argentine drink.

The promotion of Yerba Mate to the asian market was started six years ago by the cooperative Alfredo Kallus. The firm Atree Co sells the Argentine Yerba Mate product direct to the descendants of South American immigrants to Japan.

Tadamasa Ikima, Commercial Director of Atree Co met with the President of the National Institute of Yerba Mate (ARYM) in Posadas, Misiones, Argentina last week. Ikima told ARYM directors that the introduction of a new drink based on yerba mate by Coca Cola to the Japanese market had increased demand: “Thanks to this, many Japanese are learning the product, the market is expanding. We slowly but firmly what to increase the sales volumes,” he said.

Ikima went on to explain further plans for introducing Yerba Mate through food lines: “We are going to spread the possibility of eating yerba mate. How? Through directly mixing the ground leaf in ice cream, cakes and cookies,” Tadamasa Ikima said. He also revealed that there had been another recent launch of a yerba mate drink that already contained milk and sugar to better suit the tastes of the Japanese consumers.

Yerba Mate has many health benefits due to the complex nature of its vitamins, minerals and antioxidants contained within the plant.


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  1. “Matecha” made the list of world top 30 Hit Products of 2012 (Nikkei Trendy Magazine), after the Latin Biorythm campaign for the drink that Coca-cola Japan launched.

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