Argentine polo legend Mariano Aguerre back in saddle after knee injury


This week sees a second return to the polo pitch after injury for another Argentine polo legend, Mariano Aguerre. The former 10-goaler suffered a knee injury after a fall in practice earlier in the year, which sidelined him for several weeks.

9-goaler Mariano, will get back in the saddle and play on Saturday for White Birch in the opening round of the Hampton Cup play. His fellow team mates will include Del Carroll. Matias Magrini and Peter Brent. They will face Heathcote (Steve Lefkowitz, Nico Taverna, Tommy Biddle and Nick Manifold).

As a member of Peter Brant’s enormously successful White Birch polo teams over the years, Mariano Aguerre has earned respect and admiration and made his name legendary in both American and Argentine polo history.

Aguerre recently said that “My knee is 100% […] but I’ll be wearing a brace to play but that’s just a preventative measure in case I get hit directly on it (the knee) during the game.”

Last autumn, he was a member of the Argentine Open Championship winning team, Ellerstina. The Argentine Open is polo’s most coveted prize.

Aguerre will join Nacho Figueras the following day in Sunday’s charity match to benefit the Robin Hood Foundation. He plans to finish the summer season in New York and Connecticut before heading back to Argentina to prepare to defend the Open title.

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