Argentina sees a fall in tourists with international visitors down by 13.5%


According to INDEC, the number of tourists arriving in Argentina plunged 13.5% in the first six months of the year, compared with the same period last year, which the number of Argentines who travelled abroad increased by 4%.

A total of 1,152,170 foreign visitors arrived in Argentina so far this year, while 1,362,553 Argentines travelled abroad in the first half of 2013.

As a result, the tourism industry has a deficit of US$302 million over the first six months of the year as foreign visitors in Argentina spent US$1.318 billion in the first six months of the year, while Argentines spent US$1.62 billion abroad.

In June, money spent in Argentina by visitors dropped by 16.5% and the money spent abroad decreased 17.9& compared to the same month last year.

Tourists spent an average of 13.9 nights in Argentina in the second quarter of the year, 3.1% more than the first quarter. European visitors led the ranking with 25.9 nights while Brazilians are at the bottom of the list with 5.8 nights.

Average spend per day also dropped by 9.7% compared to the same period of 2012, with US$84.8 being spent in second quarter of this year. Tourists from Europe spent the lowest average of US$52.4 per day, while Brazilians spent the highest amount per day at US$161.50.


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