Rio’s hostels see boom in business in run up to the World Cup and Olympics


Brazil’s tourism capital, Rio de Janeiro is often seen as the expensive city when it comes to hotel accommodation.

Brazil’s own tourist board recently bemoaned the fact that Rio has the third most expensive hotel rooms in the world, getting a bed for the night in the city has never been budget-friendly.

According to the latest figures form the tourism authority, the average cost of a hotel room in Rio is now $247 (£161) per night. The survey found that global tourism hotspots like New York (4246) and Paris ($196) are both cheaper than Rio.

Reasons for the high price in hotels in Rio is down to a number of factors, including: insufficient supply, the city’s enduring popularity as a holiday destination, as well as Brazil’s strong economic growth boosting domestic tourist numbers.

The price of its hotel rooms are only like to rise further as hoteliers take advantage of the additional spikes in demand with next year’s football World Cup and hosting the 2016 Olympics.

Thankfully for the cash-strapped tourists, Rio is seeing a boom in the establishment of hostels- the lower cost, dormitory-based, shared bathrooms alternative to hotels.

Hostels are a relatively new phenomenon in Brazil, as it was only in 2006 that the first hostels opened in Rio and Sao Paulo. Today official figures show that Rio has 72 hostels, used by both foreign tourists and travellers from across Brazil. The number of hostels in the city is continuing to grow quickly as the World Cup and Olympics get closer.



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