Football legend Maradona says “Iguazu Falls are majestic” and superior to Niagara Falls


On a recent visit to Iguazu Falls the former footballer, who had recently insisted on the resignation of Humberto Grondona and the entire leadership of the AFA, marvelled at the beauty of Iguazu Falls.

Maradona who was accompanied by Misiones Governor Maurice Closs and the Mayor of Puerto Iguazu, Marcelo Sanchez. answered questions from local and provincial journalists.

Diego Maradona said “I know Niagara Falls, but Iguazu Falls are majestic, there is no way to compare them.”

“I’ve seen the Niagara Falls and they did me that they were built by detonating dynamite. Our Iguazu Falls are natural. If you were declared as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World it is because they realised that this really is wonderful and the other [Niagara Falls] is not natural and is bomb based,” he said.




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