More than 740,000 tourists have visited Iguazu Falls this year despite the floods


The Governor of Misiones, Maurice Closs, said that this had been a good season and added that “in the first week of vacation we were close to 85% occupancy in Misiones and in the second week the number was closer to 70%.”

Alcides Capra, Argentine Iguazu Manager said that during the Argentine winter holiday, Iguazu Falls had around 4,000 visitors per day and that the total number of visitors for the full war was 746,204 visits.

Maurice Closs went on to say that: “It was a good season but we have to be objective, the visitor numbers are 20% lower than the previous year and personally I think it is because the national media basically generated the feeling that everything was closed at Iguazu Falls [during the flood], people heard the Devil’s Throat waterfall was closed and felt that everything was closed at the park, when in fact the Devil’s Throat waterfall is just one of many waterfalls at the park.”


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