Nacho Figueras channels James Bond in latest Ralph Lauren “Polo Red” commercial


Ralph Lauren has launched its newest men’s fragrance “Polo Red” with a striking new commercial. The Polo Red short film was directed by Bruce Weber and it is inspired by the qualities that Ralph Lauren looks for in a powerful car-speed, like the beautiful Lamborghini, and a powerful, competitive man, like polo player Nacho Figueras.




However, as beautiful and striking as the ad may be, there seems to be a move away somewhat from the traditional brand identity as there is no sign of a horse anywhere let alone a polo pitch (unless you count the Polo Ralph Lauren logo). In fact take away the branding and it could almost be a movie trailer for the latest James Bond movie, or a scene from Fast and Furious with a beautiful car chasing a woman in a speedboat.

NachoFigueras_PoloRed NachoFigueras_PoloRed

Don’t get us wrong Nacho Figueras could be an interesting new James Bond type figure, but for a polo brand not to use any polo imagery anywhere in its ad campaign is a bit strange. Perhaps this may have been because of Nacho’s recent devastating injury while playing polo in the UK (he broke his hip and thought he could have been paralysed). We’re not sure when the ad campaign was shot but if this was post Nacho’s injury, it could explain why he is not riding a horse or playing polo, like typical Polo Ralph Lauren ads.





The new direction is nice and striking, but perhaps they could have put a few polo sticks or a polo helmet in the back of the Lamborghini, as if he were speeding towards an important polo match, to tie in better with the brand’s traditional branding?

Watch the new “Polo Red” by Ralph Lauren ad campaign here and decide for yourself, then vote here:

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