Controversial Argentine artist Leon Ferrari dies at 92


Argentine artist Leon Ferrari has died at the age of 92, news agency Telam has reported.

Ferrari was born in Buenos Aires in 1920 and was known internationally for his provocative work which dealt with controversial issues such as war, religion, power and sex.


He began his creative work in 1946 and in 1976 was forced into exile in Brazil after the military coup d’etat in Argentina.

He used methods such as collage, photocopying and sculpture in wood, plaster or ceramics. He often used text, particularly newspaper clippings or poetry within his pieces.


In 2004, his exhibition in Recoleta in Buenos Aires was forced to close following intervention by the current Pope Francis (then known as the Archbishop of Buenos Aires) and a subsequent court order. The exhibition was eventually allowed to reopen after protests and government action.


In 2007, Ferrari was awarded with the Golden Lion at the 52nd Venice Biennale and last year, the Konex Foundation granted him the Diamond Konex Award for Visual Arts as the most important artist in the last decade in the country.


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