World’s biggest beetle grows up to seven inches long and lives in South America


Did you know that Titanus giantess – the world’s largest beetle and one of the most mysterious creatures on the planet lives in South America?

The beetle, also known as the Titan beetle, can grow up to seven inches long and has a jaw so strong that it can snap a wooden pencil in two!

Despite its large size and fearsome bite, it is entirely harmless to humans.


These insects hide away in South America’s humid tropical rainforests and only venture out when they need to find a mate.

Bizarrely, the male beetle does not feed during its adult life, but needs energy to fly. This energy comes from reserves it gathered in its pupa stage and uses these to fly just long enough to find a mate.

Because it is so large, it has to climb trees to launch itself from a branch to fly because it does not have enough energy to do this from the ground.



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