Pope tells Argentina’s President the work is not easy but “I keep drinking mate!”

In a recent letter to Argentina’s President, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, Pope Francis reveals that “the works is not at all easy” in the Vatican.


The President revealed the revelations in a tweet on her twitter account, showing a photo of the Pope’s personal letter to her thanking  her for the courteous letter of good wishes she had sent him on June 15 for ‘The Day of the Pope.’ In the letter the Pope asked her to extend his good wishes to his compatriots back in Argentina.


In her letter to the Pope, the President encouraged him to drink mate – the famous Argentinean Yerba herbal drink. In his response, the Pope confirmed: “I continue drinking mate: it is always more digestive than either tea or coffee.”

As he does with everyone, so too with the President, the Pope asked, “Please do not forget to pay for me; the work (here) is not at all easy!”


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