Friendship, dancing, the Order of Yerba Mate and even a beauty pageant – all to celebrate the festival of Argentina’s favourite infusion


Argentina is famous for its Yerba Mate. The Argentines love it so much they recently voted it by law as the National Infusion of Argentina, but did you know that they have even dedicated a festival to it?  Every year such an event is celebrated in a small northern Argentine town, and people come from long and far to celebrate, dance and drink to the famous herbal drink and its traditions.


The Yerba Mate Festival was created originally to highlight the everyday efforts of the Yerba Mate industry to produce and develop the Yerba Mate. The festival is held annually in the city of Apostoles in the Northern Argentine province of Misiones.

The first Provincial Festival of Yerba Mate took place in October 1944 in Posadas and has taken place every year since then with it moving to its current location of the city of Apostoles in 1967.


In Argentina, Yerba Mate is a synonymous symbol of friendship and peace due to the fact it is shared amongst the drinkers, whether family and friends, colleagues and guests, or diplomats and politicians. Yerba Mate unites everyone in Argentina – it unities religions, politics, sporting fans, regions and even tourists.

The festival in Apostoles celebrates this symbol of the Argentine and friendship and shows how the technology of Yerba Mate growing and production has changed, improved and also shares the new discoveries about the production and industrialisation.

The festival has a range of attractions for its visitors – from music and dancing to exhibition stands showcasing the wares of the producers and herbalists, and finally culminating in the much coveted Yerba Mate award that is given annually – the Order of the Yerba Mate.



The Grand Finale of the festival is the election of the Queen of Yerba Mate, which involves a beauty pageant type contest from candidates of the 17 Departments of the Misiones Province and two from the province of Corrientes.

The festival of Yerba Mate is held this year on the 17th to the 21st July in Apostoles, Misiones, Argentina. For more information and to book tickets, please visit or email us for further information.


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