Coca-Cola tests market for “Green” Coke in Argentina


Coca-Cola labels are turning green in Argentina. For the past three weeks, the words Coca-Cola have been spelled out in the same ornate white letters on a green background. It’s everywhere from a gigantic electronic billboard in the heart of downtown Buenos Aires, to the sides of the delivery trucks, to supermarket shelves and even a TV ad where the first sip from a green soft-drink can is being likened to a first kiss.

Coca-Cola Life Tv ad

Argentina is the start of the global kick-off of what Coke is describing as a “natural” and therefore “green” lower calorie cola called Coca-Cola Life. Coca-Cola Life is in between the Diet Coke and Regular Coke on the calorie scales as it has 108 calories for a 600ml bottle (Regular Coke has 250 calories and Diet Coke has no calories.)

Coca-Cola Life is sweetened with a mix of sugar and stevia – an extract from the leaves of a shrub in the chrysanthemum family that grows in Latin America. Stevia is said to be as much as 400 times sweeter than table sugar, without the calories, which means that soft-drink companies are falling over themselves to use it. The Coca-Cola company is currently using stevia in 45 products worldwide.

The greening of the product extends beyond its ingredients and its green branding –  the packaging for Coca-Cola Life is a “PlantBottle” made of plastic that is 30% vegetable fibber and Coke says this is 10% recyclable.

Although this is nothing compared to the recyclability of bottle being marketed by Coca-Cola elsewhere in South America. In Colombia, Coke is sola at the beach in bottles made entirely of ice. Although these ice bottles sell for almost twice what regular bottle of Coke costs, they are extremely popular amongst beach goers. They come with a thin plastic band printed with the Coke logo to make them easier to hold. The plastic holder can also be used as a bracelet once the bottle has melted away.

So make sure next time you are in Buenos Aires, try some Coca-Cola Life just make sure you pronounce it correctly as Diet Coke in Argentina is called Coca-Cola Light.


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