Yerba Mate is voted by law the “national infusion” of Argentina


Buenos Aires – The Argentine Senate has passed and signed into law two projects that have declared Argentine wine the “national drink” and Yerba Mate the “national infusion” of Argentina. This will result in boosting their promotion on a worldwide level.

In the case of the wine, which had been previously declared by decree the “national drink” in 2010 but needed the Senate vote to make it official by law. The Senate unanimously voted it through on Wednesday last week, which will kickstart the Wine Strategic Plan 2020.

In a statement the National Wine Institute (INV), which brings together governments of wine producing provinces and business chambers, said: “First came the decree and today, the law recognises the ‘Vino Argentino as National Drink.”

The new law means that the “Argentine wine” logo can be used on the labels of bottles of wines made locally, which can then be promoted and sold around the world.

“This law will allow us to share the unique and cultural characteristics involving the production, processing and consumption of the wine, […] as well as the strong traditions associated with the culture and working of the vines,” said INV.

The project aims to develop regional economies through activities related to the wine sector.

Argentina consumes 29 litres of wine per capita annually, has 948 wineries that process and produce wine, and is the fifth largest producer of wine behind Italy, France, Spain and the United States. According to the INV it is also the eleventh biggest exporter of wine in the world.

At the same Senate meeting, 47 legislators that were present approved another law that declare mate the “national infusion” of Argentina.

The text of the law defines mate as “the infusion prepared drink based on Yerba Mate plant, which is placed in a container and soaked with hot water, and is drunk in a gourd through a bombilla.”

A statement made by the Senate said: “In events and cultural activities, social or official sports, there is the ability to use the expression and logo ‘Mate National Infusion, and to promote the drink and its traditions.” The provinces of Misiones and Corrientes in Northeastern Argentina are the only producers of Yerba Mate in Argentina. The drink is also popular in Uruguay.



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