Breaking News! Buenos Aires wins bid to hold the 2018 Summer Youth Olympic Games


Today it was announced that Buenos Aires has won the bid to host the 2018 Youth Olympic Games. The announcement was made in Switzerland during a meeting of the International Olympic Committee.

Argentina’s capital was voted by the IOC, beating out Medellin and Glasgow. The city will host the IOC on September 7 when the group meets to bote on its new president as well as the host of the 2020 Olympic Games, with the final three candidates being Madrid, Tokyo and Istanbul.

The Youth Olympics, which are open to teenagers between the ages of 14-18, were first introduced in 2010 by IOC President Jacques Rogge, with the first event being held over 12 days in September 2010 in Singapore. Nanjing, China will host the next Youth Olympic Games in 2014.

In addition to competitive events. the Youth Olympic Games also feature cultural exchange programs and opportunities for the young athletes to meet Olympians.

Argentine Olympic Committee President Gereardo Werthein gave his thanks to President Rogge and the entire committee for voting for Buenos Aires to be the 2018 host. When speaking to Robert Livingstone of, President Werthein said:

“I am absolutely thrilled that the IOC has awarded the 2018 Youth Olympic Games to Buenos Aires. I would like to express my thanks to President Rogge and all the Members of the IOC who have placed their trust in us and we will not let them down. We feel this is the right time for Buenos Aires, Argentina and the Olympic Movement to joint together and advance the cause of Olympism among young people across the globe.”

Argentina’s head of government, Mauricio Macri also spoke on the significance of the city winning the bid:

“Over many years, we have been listening and learning and improving the infrastructure in our city – we now look forward to welcoming young athletes from around the globe to enjoy Buenos Aires’ rich and diverse culture and our wonderful sports venues.”


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