The creation of national holidays has produced 6 million tourists in Argentina in first half of 2013

Lan back in air

According to data from the Ministry of Tourism and National surveys from Argentina’s Chamber of Tourism (CAT), a total of 6 million tourists visited destinations within the country during the long weekend of the first half of 2013.

The bank holiday weekend for the Dia de la Bandera or Flag day was a “success in all the provinces” in Argentina said the Ministry of Tourism. Enrique Meyer, Head of the Ministry of Tourism, claimed that extending the holidays had promoted and increase tourism as it allowed Argentines the chance to get to know their own country.

The long holiday of June 20 had a high number of tourist traffic, with hotels reporting a 90% capacity in all regions of the country. The sales of goods and services related to the tourism sector was estimated at between 1.3 and 2.0 million pesos as reported to the national portfolio from private entities.

There was an average stay of 3.3 days with an average daily expenditure made between 250 and 310 pesos per person, depending on the destination they visited.

According to the survey in 20 cities, the sale of goods and services linked to tourism had increased 4.5% on average compared with 2011. This increase is due to the greater number of travellers as they are generally taking their family away with them over the long weekend.

98% of travellers chose domestic destinations above 2012, where 95% of tourists chose domestic destinations. With 441,000 arrivals overnight, the coast was, according to the Ministry of Tourism, the region that received the highest income (it received 35% share of the total tourism income for the whole of Argentina in the period).

In second place was the province of Buenos Aires, receiving almost 364,000 overnight tourists (25.2% of total). Another 10% went to the north of the country (mainly Jujuy and Salta) and 9% to Cordoba.

There are cases such as Bariloche, which received 30% more tourist inflow than in the previous year. Authorities have attributed this to the hard work of promotion, the creation of two national holidays and increased seats in Aerolineas Argentinas flights.

This year 700,000 people travelled further than last year (35% increase over 2 million travellers) and credit card sales rose 40%.


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