Iguazu Falls Rally suspended over weekend due to security reasons


On Saturday, the Rally was stopped prematurely over security concerns about running the the race through the city. Drivers competing in the race said that there was insufficient safety information given to the public, police and security personnel that affected the running of the competition.


The rally had generated much buzz in the community, so much so that the drivers were concerned about the large accumulations of spectators gathering on the corners of the course and the dangers to members of the public.

Cristian Rosiak, the driver who was leading the race when it was stopped, was very sorry for the suspension but felt that it was a wise decision: “Iguazu is an excellent place to have a good race, it has all the infrastructure but maybe they should think of alternative ways to keep it in the city for longer. The track was good, you could run smoothly on it, but if security felt this is impossible, the decision not to run was successful,” he added.

The driver said that the city of Cataratas has everything needed to make a great location for a race and so was optimistic for the continuation of the location in the rally calendar. “Iguazu has hotels, gas stations and everything, we have been racing in very small towns where there was not even service stations,” Rosiak said.

Rosiak felt that there needed to be more education of the general public about the race and the risks and benefits.


Raul Fagundez a competitor from Apostoles felt that the racetrack was not optimal and lead to the breakdown of several cars. He also criticised AMPyNAR authorities for not providing accurate information to the security officers and police so that they could keep spectators safe.

“I think the budgets mistake was the president (of the AMPyNAR) not providing AMPyNAR instruction and advice to the security officers two days before the race so that they knew well in advance of what they had to do,” Fagundez said.

Fagundez added that he hoped the race would be able to run through Iguazu at a later date because it was nice was everyone to get to Iguazu.


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