Top 5 reasons to visit Northern Argentina


Here at Look South Tours we are passionate about Northern Argentina and the wealth of natural and historical treasures it has for tourists to discover. Below we have listed our top 5 reasons why you should venture North of Buenos Aires to the beautiful Northern regions of Misiones and Corrientes on your next Argentine adventure.


1. Iguazu Falls – Iguazu Falls, the majestic waterfall system that divides Brazil and Argentina, has recently been voted the seventh natural wonder of the world and is an absolute MUST-SEE on any trip to Argentina. Iguazu Falls has been the backdrop to many famous movies, including The Mission (1986), Miami Vice (2006) and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008).  Learn more about Iguazu Falls here .


2. Esteros del Ibera wetlands – Covering over 5,200 sq miles (13,700 sq km), these stunning Ibera wetlands are a biologically diverse wilderness of water, marshland and islands. It is home to subtropical wildlife that includes over 350 bird species and numerous reptiles and mammals, from Caimans to Capybaras. This is truly a nature lover’s and budding amateur photographer’s paradise as your guides will steer the boats along the channels of the lagoons so you can get up and close to the wildlife and see them in their natural habitats. Look South Tours have a range of Esteros del Ibera wetlands tours, view these here .


3. Ruta de la Yerba Mate – When you visit Argentina for the first time, one of the first things that might strike you is the amount of people walking around with a little bowl of green stuff and a straw – this is in fact Yerba Mate, a green tea like drink that is considered by many to be the national drink of Argentina and other South American countries. Yerba Mate is synonymous with the Argentine polo scene and is very popular among athletes due to its many health benefits, you can learn more here. Look South Tours run exclusive Yerba Mate tours so that you can learn more about this national drink, how it is grown and harvested and the traditions around drinking it, check out our tours here.


4. Jesuit Ruinas de San Ignacio Mini – Did you know Pope Francis has a direct connection to Misiones and its history? Pope Francis is the first Jesuit Catholic to be elected Pope. Misiones is the home of the UNESCO World Heritage Jesuit ruins of San Ignacio Mini. These are the most stunning and extensive of the six ruins that remain from the Jesuit-Guarani missions that were founded in the region in the 17th century. These ruins give a great insight into the local history of the area and also historical insights into the Jesuit religion. Look South Tours offer tours to the Ruinas de San Ignacio Mini, learn more here.

cruz santa ana

5. Cruz de Santa Ana – Located within a lush jungle of 57.5 acres, the Cruz de Santa Ana is situated on a tall hill within the reserve and stands at an impressive 83 metres tall overlooking the region of Misiones and the river Paraná. The site holds much religious significance and offers a tourist destination with magnificent views and a chance for reflection and meditation. As well as having amazing viewpoints across the region, visitors can also enjoy its butterfly garden, an orchid, bicycle and walking trails and its natural amphitheater which hosts permanent shows. Please contact our team to book a tour.

Northern Argentina is the perfect destination for the eco-tourist, those wishing to discover the ultimate getaway destination or budding photographers and birdwatchers. This region has a truly diverse range of wildlife and scenery to explore and has a rich local history that provides something for everyone. Check out our Misiones photogallery here for more photos.


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