Who’s the best polo player in the world?


Argentina is famous world-wide for its polo and polo players, but who is the best polo player in the world at the moment? Look South Tours decided to find out by looking at the World Polo Tour official polo rankings.

World Polo Tour ranking is constantly updated where each player is ranked according to his/her performance during the course of the year in main tournaments around the world. Points are accumulated during the year.

So will Adolfo Cambiaso hold onto his crown of the King of Polo or will Facundo Pieres take it from him this year?

As of today’s date, 13th June 2013, the top ten rankings show Adolfo Cambiaso in the lead with a considerable lead:


1. Adolfo Cambiaso, Argentina: 917 points

2. Facundo Pieres, Argentina: 842 points

3. David Stirling Jr, Uruguay: 780 points

4. Juan Martin Nero, Argentina: 740 points

5. Gonzalo Pieres Jr, Argentina: 665 points

6: Pablo MacDonough, Argentina: 659 points

7: Cristian Laprida Jr, Argentina: 548 points

8: Nicolas Pieres, Argentina: 521 points

9: Mariano Aguerre, Argentina: 496 points

10: Hilario Ulloa, Argentina: 484 points


With Argentina having 9 out of 10 of the top ten ranking players it is fair to say that it can be considered the home of the best polo players in the world, but many would also argue that is because Argentina also has the highest number of polo players in the world, both professionally and amateur.


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