One year to go: The countdown begins until the Football World Cup kicks off in Brazil


The World Cup starts exactly a year today – and excitement is building ahead of the finals in Brazil, and we can’t wait!

Here is our Look South Tours A-Z guide to Brazil 2014…

A is for Argentina
Argentina and Brazil are key football rivals and always have been with many football legends heralding from either Argentina or Brazil. Argentina being right next door to Brazil is a great country to visit while watching the Football World Cup in Brazil, check out our great Argentine tour packages here.

B is for Beaches
The most famous beach in Brazil is probably Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro. The beaches of Brazil will play a key part in the great atmosphere of the Brazil World Cup as six of the 12 host cities of the World Cup are situated on the Brazilian coast, so there will be plenty of opportunities for you to sink your toes into the beautiful white sand and take a dip in the crystal blue sea. Pure paradise.

C is for Caxirola
Forget the Vuvuzuela horn of the South African World Cup matches – here in Brazil you will hear the rattling sound of the Caxirola instrument accompanying the chanting in the stadiums. This traditional Brazilian instrument makes a rattling noise when shaken and has been special designed to sound “acceptable” in stadiums.

D is for Dancing
In the land of the Samba, you should expect lots of dancing in and out of the stadium and a truly carnival atmosphere – great fun!

E is for Esteros de Ibera wetlands in Argentina
Explore the stunning Esteros de Ibera wetlands in the Corrientes region of Northern Argentina with Look South Tours. Get the chance to see wildlife local to the area including capybaras and cayman and then watch the sunset over the lagoon with a drink of Yerba Mate – the perfect way to relax after the Brazil World Cup.


F is for Feijoada
While in Brazil you should definitely try some of the local cuisine! Brazil’s national dish is Feijoada – a stew of a mix of beef and pork with beans. It is a very popular dish and from the right restaurant can be delicious.

G is for Germany
Germany are always favourites and often conquer Europe – but will they win next year against Brazil – the hotly contended favourites?

H is for Holiday of a lifetime!
If you are coming to Brazil for the World Cup – you will have a holiday of a lifetime. Brazil is a beautiful country with very friendly locals. If you want to explore more of South America while you are here, get in touch with us for some great tours to Argentina and beyond.

I is for Iguazu Falls
Iguazu Falls is a UNESCO world heritage and seventh natural wonder – an amazing waterfall system that is situated between the Argentine and Brazilian borders

J is for Jesuit Ruins of San Ignacio Mini
The UNESCO world heritage site of the Jesuit Ruins of San Ignacio Mini in the Northern Argentine region of Misiones, is a great opportunity for you to discover the history of the local area going back to the 17th century and also learn of its connection to the current pope, Pope Francis. Look South Tours offer a Northern Argentine discovery tour that includes trips to the ruins, the wetlands and Iguazu Falls – email us for more details.

K is for Kings 
Champions of Europe, champions of the World – but can Spain do it again? With both Real Madrid and Barcelona failing in Europe last season, perhaps the Kings are quite so high and mighty right now.

L is for Look South Tours of course!
Look South Tours offer a range of exciting tours in Brazil and Northern Argentina to ensure that you can discover the best South America has to offer while you are visiting this great continent. Email us for more details.


M is for Maracana
The iconic stadium hasn’t changed much from the outside but the upgrade inside is truly breathtaking. The Maracana is a proper world cup venue and despite worries surrounding its completion, it is sure to be in top shape for next summer.

N is for Neymar
Neymar is Brazil’s wondered but will he be up to it on the big stage? That is the big question. His move to Barcelona this season means all eyes will be on him, but an impressive debut campaign at the Nou Camp will tee up the World Cup perfectly. Brazil 2014 will be his biggest test.

O is for Outsiders
As we have seen before, you should never discount the outsider teams at the World Cup finals. Many have done a lot better than people expected them to. Colombia and Portugal are for many the real outsiders at this early stage, but the World Cup can be deceivingly hard to call. Many think Belgium, with their wealth of Premier League talent will be the ones to keep an eye on.

P is for Paraguay
Paraguay borders both Argentina and Brazil. Like the rest of South America, Paraguay is also passionate about its football and has reached the second round of the World Cup on four occasions (in 1986, 1998, 2002 and 2010).

Q is for Qualification
Japan became the first side to qualify for Brazil 2014 after an injury-time penalty secured a draw against Australia. England, Montenegro, Belgium, Croatia, Italy, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Russia, Bosnia, Spain and France are nearly there from Europe, while Portugal’s bid for qualification looked tentative until they beat Russia 1-0 last week. After losing to Armenia 4-0, Denmark’s hopes of qualification are slim despite having four games left to play.

R is for rankings
Despite being ranked 22nd in the world, Brazil are the favourites. The pressure is all on them, but Argentina aren’t too far behind. Germany are 5-1, while reigning champions Spain are currently 11-2.

S is for Stadiums
The stadiums for Brazil and their progress have been a widely discussed subject recently. Some are completed, some are very close to completion but there is a worry that some stadiums are littered with problems. Rest assured though that Brazil will work hard to ensure all is completed on time to ensure the showpiece finals are the party of a lifetime.


T is for Tickets
Tickets for the World Cup will go on sale on August 20, with FIFA saying it expects around 3.3 million tickets to be available for the 64-match tournament. FIFA confirmed fans will have the chance to buy tickets from the organisation’s website during the first phase of sales. Ticket prices are scheduled to be confirmed on July 1.

U is for Uruguay
Uruguay’s performance in reaching the semi-finals in South Africa will surely put them in the pool as favourites for Brazil 2014.

V is for Venezuela
Venezuela borders Brazil in the North. Unlike other South American nations, their key focus is on baseball, not football. As of 2010, they are the only CONMEBOL side to have not qualified for the FIFA World Cup.

W is for Water
Make sure to take lots of water bottles with you into the stadium as humidity in Brazil will be high, as will your excitement.


X is for X-rated fighting
South Americans can be a fiery passionate bunch, particularly about their sport and most of all about their football. So no doubt there will be some lively battles at the World Cup finals between the South American teams and everyone else. The humidity and heat of the Brazilian climate will no doubt fuel some hotly contested action on the pitch.

Y is for Yerba Mate
Yerba Mate is a popular South American herbal tea drink that has many health benefits – with more antioxidants than traditional Chinese Green tea it is the perfect detox drink for you after the many beers and late night drinking sessions of the Brazil World Cup. Look South Tours offer a Yerba Mate tour package in the North of Argentina (close to the Brazilian border) so that you can sample this traditional drink on your trip, and learn how it is grown and cultivated.

Z is for Zzzz
Make sure you get lots of Zzzz before you leave for Brazil next year as this is one of the party capitals of the world, and there certainly won’t be such a thing as an early night anywhere in Brazil when the World Cup finals are on.

Enquire about our Brazil 2014 World Cup tours here.

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