Mexican Formula One driver Sergio Perez hits headlines for his reckless driving


Sergio Perez, the young Mexican Formula One driver who drives for McLaren, has once again this season been accused of reckless driving.

Following the recent action-packed Monaco Grand Prix, Lotus driver Kimi Raikkonen was asked what could be done to help Sergio Perez and his driving style. Raikkonen came together with Perez at the Nouvelle Chicane resulting in a puncture and a late pit-stop but still managed to claw his way back into the points.

Raikkonen was asked if the drivers should rally round the young Mexican and offer him words of advice or encouragement, but the Finn said that won’t help.

Instead Kimi Raikkonen suggested: “Maybe someone should punch him in the face.”

Monaco Grand Prix

Raikkonen’s response was fuelled after a dramatic day which saw two safety car periods (the Formula One season had up until Monaco had no safety car periods during the start of the season), a red flag, a first Mercedes win of the season following Nico Rosberg’s flawless display, and another race in which Perez’s driving came under intense scrutiny.

Jenson Button, Perez’s team-mate, found himself in the unusual situation of calling for his own team-mate to be penalised as the pair tussled for position in the early phase of the Monaco race.

“I know he’s my team-mate, but he missed the chicane,” said Button. “He can’t keep turning in on me.”

Perez allowed Button to have the place back after instruction from the McLaren team to do so, but the 23-year-old wasn’t prepared to give up that easily.

The Mexican soon passed Button again, this time legally. He did it again just a few laps later to Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso at the same corner.

The Ferrari driver was forced into evasive action from gung-ho Perez to avoid a crash and so ran wide at the chicane, before later being told by race stewards when the race was red flagged to let Perez have the position back.

It was however, a third time unlucky for Perez, for when he performed the same move later on with Raikkonen, the Mexican took on more than he could chew as the Finn didn’t let him past easily.

Perez blamed Raikkonen for not leaving him enough room on the run down to the Nouvelle Chicane but to be honest, the space was never there.

Raikkonen picked up a puncture and Perez was forced to retire after receiving damage to his car from the kamikaze move.

We look forward to seeing whether Perez has learnt his lesson at the Canadian Grand Prix this weekend, or if he will challenge more of the top drivers into a knockout session with him in the ring.

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