Brazilian F1 driver Felipe Massa refuses to let Monaco crash affect his confidence


MONTREAL: Brazilian Felipe Massa has insisted that he has suffered mo loss of confidence despite recovering from two big accident’s at last month’s Monaco Grand Prix.

The Ferrari driver said that although it looked as if the two crashes were similar and may have been cause by driver error, one was actually due to a car failure and that he felt fine.

Asked if the accidents had dented his confidence, Massa replied: “No, for sure mot.

“On television, the accidents looked very similar, but they were completely different. The first one I just locked wheels and went straight, and for the second I had a problem with the suspension.

“Overall I’m fine. I just felt a bit of pain in my neck after because the crashes took place in the same place and in the same direction, but it was just muscles. I’m fine, everything is fine.”

Massa lost control of his Ferrari at the end of the start-finish straight in Monte Carlo and after hitting a barrier on his left, slid straight into the barriers at Sainte Devote.

Driver error was accountable for the first accident in practice, but after a detailed inspection of the car, Ferrari discovered a suspension failure was at fault for the second.

The Brazilian required trackside assistance, with his neck put in a brace, prior to undergoing precautionary checks and tests at the Princesse Grace hospital following his crash in the race on Sunday 26th May.

On Thursday this week however he said he felt 100 per cent fine to climb back into his Ferrari race car and go to the limit once more on one of the most hazardous circuits on the calendar in this weekend’s Canadian Grand Prix.

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