The amazing colours of Laguna Verde, Argentina as seen from Space

Laguna Verde from Space

The NASA Earth Observatory site shares a range of amazing images and this image of the Laguna Verde in NorthWest Argentina is truly mesmerising. This photograph was taken by an astronaut on the International Space Station.

The various bright colours of the water are apparently due to a variety of microscopic organisms that live in the lake.

According to NASA: “Laguna Verde (58 kilometres wide, 36 kilometres long) often appears green, giving rise to its name. This image shows the turquoise tint in the central sub-basin (image centre), with a yellow to black tinge to water in the southern sub-basin (left) – also known locally as Laguna Negro. The northernmost basin (right) appears black. the large grey zone comprising much of the rest of Laguna Verde is likely a combination of shallow water – only inches deep – and sunglint reflecting off the water surface. The reason for the colour differences is that many different families of salt-loving organisms occupy hypersaline lakes such as Laguna Verde. These microscopic organisms appear as different colours, often bright, depending on the salinity and temperature of each water body or sub-basin.

View it yourself here


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