Nacho Figueras says his recent injury is worst he’s had playing polo

Nacho Figueras on CBS

Nacho Figueras said his recent polo injury is the worst he has had in his polo career and said that as a result of needing time to heal it will mean the longest time he’s been away from the game so long.

In an interview broadcast on CBS on 29th May 2013 on CBS This Morning on CBS Television, Argentine polo star Ignacio “Nacho” Figueras talked about his accident.

“I was coming with an English guy like this chasing the ball and then suddenly the ball bounced to the right and the English guy turned in front of me to go get the ball and then my horse tripped.

“When the front legs of your horse catch the back legs of the other horse the horse goes down.

“I went down and the horse on top of me.” Nacho said recalling the polo accident at Cowdray Park, England.

He went on to say: “I broke my acetabulum which is a part of the pelvis where the femur goes in, it’s cracked like this and then the thing which hurts the most is that on the other side I tore all my muscles. All my muscles from my knee to my back and my entire back is bruised because when the horse stood up it stood up on my back.”

When asked if the horse was ok, Nacho then said: “The horse was great, as a matter of fact when I left for the hospital and was substituted by a guy, the guy that substituted me played the horse until the end of the match.”


In response to being asked when he can play again, Nacho said: “I have 12 weeks off, 12 weeks where I cannot put any weight on my right leg. That’s the way this is gonna heal, no weight at all. So then I will start rehabilitation in three or four weeks when the bone starts to like finally be stuck then I’m gonna start swimming and doing things.”

Nacho went on to say that although he has had many polo accidents this one has been the worse. He said that he has broken his nose twice, broken his wrist and ankle and has been knocked unconscious a couple of times.

We hope to see Nacho back on the field playing polo again soon once his injury has healed.

Watch the full interview here

Nacho Figueras on CBS


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