Can you spot your holiday? Incredible images that reveal where we fly every day

Flight paths image

According to the Daily Mail, a Canadian transportation planner has created stunning kaleidoscope-style flight path visualisations of every flight in a day by using flight data from around the world.

Michael Markieta works for engineering and design firm Arup and spent the past year developing the flight paths to understand how the world is connected. He used the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to collect the data for more than 58,000 global flight paths from the open-source project .

Flights to South America were much less densely populated than other countries, according to Markieta’s path visualisations. Images of flight paths in South America show the hotspots being Sao Paulo – which was the busiest airport in the region – and Buenos Aires in Argentina.The Northern Hemisphere is shown to have significantly more flight destinations and airports than the Southern Hemisphere.

Read full story here

Flight paths South America




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