Ushuaia, Argentina Sailing down the Beagle


Cruise Doyenne

A busy port and adventure hub, Ushuaia is a sliver of steep streets and jumbled buildings set between the Beagle Channel and the snowcapped Martial Range. It’s a location matched by few, and chest-beating Ushuaia takes full advantage of its end-of-the-world status as an increasing number of Antarctica-bound vessels call in to port. Its endless mercantile hustle knows no irony: the souvenir shop named for Jeremy Button (a native kidnapped for show in England), the ski center named for a destructive invasive species…you get the idea. That said, with a pint of the world’s southernmost microbrew in hand, you can happily plot the dazzling outdoor options: hiking, sailing, skiing, kayaking and even scuba diving are just minutes from town. In 1870 the British-based South American Missionary Society set its sights on the Yaghan, a people whom Charles Darwin had deemed ‘the lowest form of humanity on earth.’

The mission made Ushuaia its…

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